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4 Ways to Use a Lease at the End of the Year

4 Ways to Use a Lease at the End of the Year


Evaluating a company’s financial health at the end of every fiscal quarter, and especially at the end of the fiscal year, is no small project for any industry. In food and beverage, leasing can be a strategic solution for many companies hoping to get cash on the books or just set themselves up for successful growth and change in the coming year.
Here are the most popular ways leasing could be used to consider at your year-end:

1. Sale and Leaseback

  • Cash reimbursement replenishes businesses with cash previously tied up in purchases made over the last 6-12 months. Use this newly available liquidity to reinvest in ongoing projects, or allocate to large initiatives next year.

 2. Lock in Rates

  • Secure the current low cost of funds rate and ensure that your business will be able to tackle any project – big or small – in the upcoming months. Unlike a bank, leasing is not subject to under or non-utilization fees.

​3. Deferred Payments

  • If you have less than 90 days until fiscal year-end, take advantage of deferred payments to prevent negative debt ratings and violating bank covenants.

​4. Establish a Lease Line

  • The most versatile way to use a lease is through a lease line of credit. One simple lease can be used to fund a variety of projects, including production, expansions and even SAP/ERP and IT.

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