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Why The "Healthy Resolution" Bandwagon is Worth Jumping On


About Half (49%) of respondents to a Nielsen Global Health Survey said they are trying to lose weight and 83% of this group intends to do so by changing their diet. This health kick, compounded with the continued push for “simple” and “natural” ingredients, creates huge opportunity for food and beverage companies seeking to improve the health of their bottom line.
The research supporting the demand for health and purity are hard to ignore. According to additional research by LEK Consulting, in the US last year, volume sales of products with an “organic” claim on the package grew 13.1%, “hormone-free” grew 21.7% and GMO-free, 12%.

Per the same Nielsen report, the impression of health is even important to consider. In North America, 61% of respondents indicated that the shorter the ingredient list, the more healthful the food or beverage is.
As your consumers begin to scrutinize their choices to realize their New Year’s resolutions, you can position your healthy snacking and easy-to-prepare meals for significant growth to kick off the year.
If your company is considering expanding production lines or improvements to warehouse and distribution facilities of your healthy offerings, consider an expert in food and beverage financing. Since we understand your industry, we can help you create custom solutions that maximize the benefit of these strategic improvements.

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*source: The Modern Family and Its Impact on Food and Beverage Consumption (LEK Consulting, 2016); Global Health and Wellness Report (Nielsen, 2015)

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